Case Study:
How MyAbseil Software Helps Companies Save Money

Total Annual Savings

£ 143,762


70 Operatives / 40 Users / 4.45M Gross revenue

Improved Site Productivity

£ 57,861

Improved Office Admin Productivity

£ 75,664

Improved Logistics & Equipment Management

£ 10,237

MyAbseil Cost

£ 235

per user per year

MyAbseil Savings

£ 3,594

per user per year

Time Saved

6,400 hours

per year

The Challenge

Our clients were facing several challenges in managing their projects and teams. They had to deal with:

  • Paperwork and manual processes that were time-consuming and error-prone
  • Lack of visibility and collaboration among their team leads and office staff
  • Difficulty in tracking and inspecting their inventory items
  • Inefficient task management that resulted in wasted resources and missed opportunities

The Solution

They discovered the ideal solution with MyAbseil software, designed specifically for managing rope access operations. With MyAbseil, they seamlessly and confidently managed their rope access operations in real-time.

The Results

After one year of implementing MyAbseil, our clients experienced unparalleled savings and efficiency enhancements in their business operations. Here are some notable highlights:

  • Improved On-Site Productivity:
    They realized savings of 1.6%* by cutting down the time allocated to paperwork and manual processes, enabling their team leads to concentrate on their primary responsibilities.
  • Boosted Office Admin Productivity:
    They achieved savings of 1.9%* by optimizing their office administration processes, minimizing errors and delays such as invoicing discrepancies, and improving communication and collaboration.
  • Other Savings:
    They realized savings of 0.33%* by optimizing logistics, improving task management, and streamlining inventory management to reduce unnecessary downtime.
  • Total Annual Business Savings:
    They achieved total annual business savings of 3.83%*.
  • Potential Extra Revenue:
    Revenue increased by 13.5%* through improved work quality, expanded operational scalability, enhanced customer attraction and referrals, and increased job completions.

The Conclusion

Our clients were delighted with the results of using MyAbseil software. They were able to simplify their tasks, amplify their efficiency, and improve their bottom line. They also received free onboarding and excellent service support from the MyAbseil team, who were always ready to help and answer their questions.

* In relation to the company’s revenue.